SVN: server certificate verification failed

I faced such message when I typed “svn update” telling an SSL certification error occurred. Full message is

Server certificate verification failed: certificate has expired, certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted

Explaining from the result, I added an option with these comma-separated keywords below;


I found this solution in the help of “svn update”. Type the command below and read the document carefully because I finally failed to find any advice of someone else.

% svn help update

–trust-server-cert-failures ARG : with –non-interactive, accept SSL server certificates with failures; ARG is comma-separated list of ‘unknown-ca’ (Unknown Authority), ‘cn-mismatch’ (Hostname mismatch), ‘expired’ (Expired certificate), ‘not-yet-valid’ (Not yet valid certificate) and ‘other’ (all other not separately classified certificate errors).

I guess that this problem is common even with “checkout” and other options.
I recommend you check which keyword you need.

I hope this helps you.


% svn up




たぶん not-yet-valid と other は今回の場合だと要らないと思いますが、試しませんでした。気になる方は調整してください。


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