No emperor, no…what?

No emperor, no prejudice.

No emperor, no class.

No emperor, no war.

No emperor, no winding Tokyo subways.

*Subways in Tokyo don’t run under the Palace.

I want to say like above.

Actually, nobody can say such things simply (except the fourth one). We never get rid of prejudices, classes and wars from the world, even from this small island.

But still I want to say “No Emperor! No Ten-no!” on this inadmissible coronation day. Under the emperor Hirohito, Japan militant invaded surrounding countries in Asia. After losing of war, Japan saved this Emperor System as if it never caused the evilest historical misdeeds by Japanese.

The “symbol” should have been stored as the symbol of apologies, anti-violations and total remember. We must get rid of this system built in this country and teach its risk to the leading generations.

Never welcome the new era before the farewell to Emperor.

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